VUJE, a.s.

Company profile

VUJE a.s. is an engineering company that performs design, supply, implementation, research and training activities, particularly in the field of nuclear and conventional power generation.

VUJE was established in 1977 as a state research institute; in 1994, it was transformed into a joint stock company whose shares are owned by company employees and former employees. The change from the state-owned company into a 100% private company meant also a change in company operations, i.e. a change from an originally research organisation into an engineering company that presently implements large projects mainly in the field of nuclear power generation.

The current scope of company operations is wide and it includes all activities related to the preparation, implementation, operation and termination of operation mainly of energy installations. As a matter of course, the qualification of VUJE personnel corresponds to the highly specialised company operations and more than 50% out of the total number of employees have a university education.

Annual incomes of the company for the past 5 years did not fall below EUR 50 mill.

The company performs all activities related to the design, construction, operation, reconstruction and decommissioning of the following energy installations and systems:

  • nuclear power plants,
  • hydro-electric power plants,
  • fossil-fuel power plants and heating plants with coal, gas and oil used as fuel,
  • power plants and heating plants for waste wood combustion,
  • wind power plants,
  • high-voltage transmission lines 100-400 kV,
  • high-voltage distribution plants,
  • development and supply of simulators used for training the operating personnel of power plants, distribution plants, ships, chemical plants,
  • information systems designed for the control of energy systems, and
  • automated control of water supply systems.

All the aforementioned projects are performed by the company as turnkey projects, i.e. the projects are implemented starting with the development of design documents up to the performance of commissioning tests.

Within its operations, VUJE co-operates with renowned European companies such as Framatome, Siemens, EDF, CORYS, etc. and performs activities for the International Atomic Energy Agency, Vienna.

VUJE has an Integrated Management System based on international standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 and ISO 3834-2. More information about Integrated Management System VUJE is available here.