VUJE, a.s.

Reconstruction and modernisation of nuclear power installations

VUJE, Inc., develops safety concepts, feasibility studies and other safety documentation related to the enhancement of nuclear safety and operational reliability of power installations. Design, supplier and installation activities under total VUJE co-ordination then follow these works. In the field of reconstruction and modernisation, VUJE offers comprehensive provision of technically demanding investment actions in the form of turnkey deliveries.

In the field of reconstruction and modernisation of power installations, VUJE capacities are focused on the following areas:

Concepts for safety enhancement

For nuclear power sector, VUJE develops proposals of concepts for enhancing nuclear safety and operational reliability. In the concepts developed, particular safety issues with both deterministic and reliability assessments of their impact on nuclear safety are identified. Deliverables are in the form of conceptual proposals for the modifications of safety system structures, for the assurance of separation and strengthening of both seismic and fire resistance of particular systems and equipment.

In the documentation, proposals for parts of process technology, instrumentation and control systems, electric systems and civil constructions are elaborated. Safety and economic benefits from the implementation are evaluated and priorities for the implementation are determined.

The safety concepts provide a basic material for the development of subsequent parts of design documentation.

Design documentation

The company develops and provides design documentation in the scope of the design for civil construction proceedings and for construction implementation. VUJE co-ordinates activities of individual parts in the design in such a way that links between individual system designs, professions and progress in implementation are assured.

Design documentation contains analyses, calculations, quality documentation and safety documentation according to the requirements of investors, supervisory authorities and state administration bodies.

Delivery, assembly and commissioning

VUJE provides deliveries for the reconstruction and modernisation, installation and checking of equipment before its commissioning. It develops test programmes for pre-complex and complex testing, provides execution of testing and evaluation of results. If equipment is new, the company will provide personnel training and updating of operational and safety documentation.

VUJE provides total co-ordination of installation and co-ordination of commissioning under demanding conditions and operational limitations valid in nuclear power plants.

Conventional power sector and industrial sphere

VUJE offers and provides all the above mentioned design, supply and installation activities also for conventional power sector and industrial sphere. To meet special technical requirements with strict deadlines, VUJE uses extensive experience from the implementation of activities demanding with regard to their technical content, deadlines and organisation.

VUJE has available experts with extensive theoretical knowledge and practical experience from the operation of power units, from the implementation of extensive projects and from the commissioning of nuclear power units. Such an experienced team of specialists will assure that projects will be carried out in the time schedule and quality level required.