VUJE, a.s.

Important projects

Gradual reconstruction with safety upgrading of the V1 Bohunice nuclear power plant
The Nuclear Regulatory Authority (ÚJD) of the Slovak Republic (SR) by its Decision No. 1/1994 specified the conditions for future operation of the two V1 units. VUJE developed a specification project the implementation of which ensures that these conditions will be complied with.

In 1996—2000, VUJE carried out the gradual reconstruction of V1 units in cooperation with the SIEMENS company with which VUJE established the REKON consortium. The total costs of the reconstruction were 8.5 billion Slovak crowns (about USD 190 million).

The objective of the reconstruction was to provide an internationally accepted safety level for the operation of the V1 units with VVER 440 reactors of the V-230 type.

Modernization of the V2 Bohunice nuclear power plant
VUJE developed a proposal for the program of modernization of the two V2 units with VVER 440 reactors of the V-213 type. The objective of the proposed program is to provide reliable, safe, and economical operation of the V2 units till the end of their design lifetime and to create conditions for their life extension up to 40 years of operation.

Within realisation of the modernisation program VUJE elaborated the modernisation concept and from 2002 VUJE has been a “consulting engineering” in a range of approved conception of modernisation. The program of the modernisation project was conducted in the year 1998—2008.

Completion of the Republic Repository of Radioactive Waste in Mochovce
In line with the conditions from a Decision of the Nuclear Regulatory Authority of SR, VUJE provided design work, implementation of the Republic Repository of Radioactive Waste in Mochovce, and commissioned it at the end of 1999. In the repository, medium and low level radioactive waste can be disposed in special fiber-concrete containers.

Extension and seismic strengthening of the Interim Spent Fuel Storage Facility in Bohunice.

Based on the conditions specified by the Nuclear Regulatory Authority of SR, VUJE provided design and implementation works related to the enhancement of seismic resistance of the facility. In order to increase the capacity of the interim storage facility by means of higher compactness in fuel assembly storing, VUJE provided comprehensive implementation of the reconstruction including associated analyses and safety report.

Decommissioning of the A1 nuclear power plant Bohunice
The aim of the first phase of this project, which ran in the period 1999—2008, was to achieve a radiation safe condition of the A1 NPP.

The aim of the second phase, which started in 2009 and will be finished in 2016, is a realisation of decontamination of selected premises and facilities and an achievement of safe conditions of objects intended for decommissioning in the future. A realisation of this project that is provided by VUJE requires a development and utilisation of special manipulators and development of technologies for the processing of produced radioactive waste.

Processing of liquid radioactive wastes for the Mochovce Nuclear Power Plant (EMO)
VUJE as a general contractor for technology realised in the period 2003-2006 the supply of systems for processing of liquid radioactive waste for final storage for the Mochovce Nuclear Power Plant. The waste after processing can be stored in "Regional Repository of Radioactive Waste" in Mochovce.

Physical and power commissioning of nuclear power plants
VUJE has provided the development and implementation of special programs for scientific management of commissioning as independent inspections from the investor during the particular phases of commissioning for all nuclear power units in both the Slovak and Czech Republics.

The above mentioned system was also used in the course of the commissioning of Mochovce units 1 and 2. In this way, safety and reliability during the commissioning of both units was enhanced.

VUJE now participates in the scientific management of both physical and power commissioning of the Temelín nuclear power plant in the Czech Republic.

Development of simulators
Within a PHARE program, VUJE in cooperation with the French firm CORYS developed a multifunctional simulator for VVER 440/V-230 reactors which is run for the training of nuclear power plant personnel in the VUJE Training Center in Trnava. Its extension to the full-scope simulation is being done currently.

Gradual modifications of the simulator in relation to newly installed control systems were a part of the development in line with the reconstruction of the V1 Bohunice plant. Besides the simulator for VVER reactors, VUJE also operates a full-scale simulator for control operations at VVER 440/V-213 reactors that has been continuously upgraded in line with the advanced knowledge in this field. For electric distribution stations. VUJE develops a simulator that will serve for the training of operators in electric stations.

Integrated information system for SE, a.s.
Within the framework of the cited project, the following modules are being prepared:

  • fixed asset management
  • management and evaluation of power facility operations
  • radiation safety
  • radioactive wastes.

Complex assessment of the environmental state at the power plant localities of SE, a.s.
Within the framework of this project, comparative studies were prepared evaluating the state and influence of the SE power facilities on the health of the population and the state of the environment (air, soil, agricultural produce, forest produce, demography and selected characteristics of the health state of the population) in selected localities. Results from the EBO, EMO, ENO, EVO and TEK localities have been available since 1993.

Construction of the high voltage line Varín—Sučany
VUJE provides and coordinates the construction of a high voltage line 400 kV between the switching stations Varín—Sučany which replaces the original line built 40 years ago.

The first phase of the construction completed in November 1999 was carried out in an extremely demanding mountain terrain with multiple crossings of river Váh, roads and railways. The action is due to be completed in 2001.

Yeghesis Hydro Power Plant, Armenia
In April 2004, VUJE supplied and commissioned the first turbine of the Yeghesis hydro power plant in Armenia with an output of 6.2 MW. The second turbine, also with an output of 6.2 MW, was commissioned at the end of 2004. The power plant is operating in exacting alpine conditions with a high fall of 250 m.

Reconstruction of the energy facilities of Smrečina Holding a.s.
The reconstruction was realised as a general contract within the framework of which a boiler using wooden waste with a capacity of 1.6 tons of steam per hour, fuel management system, pipe installations, information and boiler radiation system were supplied and commissioned.

Supply included projection, engineering and the new building parts.

New site of the Slovak Electro Energy Dispatch Centre in Žilina

VUJE made a building an on March 01, 2006 it handed up into technology of new power dispatching centre in Žilina through a general supply for Slovak electricity transmission system, inc. (SEPA, a.s.). This dispatching centre has fully retrieved previous one, which was in the areas of the Central Slovak Energy, a.s. an has provided a significant modernization of the electric system management.


Completion of the EMO Units I. and II. construction
VUJE participated in completion of construction and commissioning of the units I. and II. in Mochovce NPP in the period 1996 - 2000 mainly by engineering activities in the design and realisation of units control and protection systems, elaboration of operating procedures, implementation of scientific management of commissioning and elaboration of arrangements how to increase the effectiveness and safety of operation.

Post-accident monitoring system for Mochovce NPP
VUJE was a general supplier of the design as well as realisation of „Post-accident monitoring system in the period 2002-2004. This system ensures the execution of detailed analysis of the failure development and its localization. Within realisation there was realised also enhancement of accident and seismic resistance of selected measurements and interconnection of outputs from monitoring system to the accident control centres.


Power increase of nuclear power plant units
VUJE participated in works for power increase of Bohunice NPP units V2 and 1. and 2. unit of Mochovce NPP up to 107 % of the original designed power of the reactor through design, elaboration, realization and assessment of non-standard programs of physical and energetic start-up.

There were mainly thermo-hydraulic test of safety verification of a gradual power increase of the units, and avoiding exceeding of limit values and dynamic verification tests of the ability of the unit to transfer to a new power level in cases of equipment failure.


Project of construction completion of Mochovce NPP, Units 3 and 4
Participation of VUJE in completion of Mochovce NPP, Units 3 and 4 has been running in two phases. The first phase was an elaboration of technical solution and efficiency reassessment of construction completion of Mochovce NPP, Units 3 and 4 and upgrade of the Basic design (verification of the state of existing components, constructions, buildings), of preliminary safety report and licence documentation. This phase was realised in the period 2006—2009 within Engineering contract between SE, a.s., and the DOSMO consortium (VUJE and Ústav jaderného výzkumu Řež, a.s. “Nuclear Research Institute Řež”).

The second phase is represented by participation in the completion and commissioning of Mochovce NPP — Units 3—4.  Under the contract with SE, a.s. and other suppliers VUJE participates in different areas of the Mochovce NPP — Units 3—4 construction. Within “the nuclear island”, VUJE supplies elementary systems of radiation monitoring, air conditioning, laboratories, decontamination and the primary circuit diagnostic systems including the operational, safety and emergency regulations. Operating regulations are provided for the conventional part of the nuclear power plant, as well.

VUJE also supplies specialized systems of in-core measurements, boron concentration measurements and sub-systems of level measurement in the reactor and the temperature measurement at the outlet of the reactor core — from developing documentation to the final testing of installed devices. In the field of seismic resistance, VUJE designs required project modifications and adjustments to the reactor hall and the auxiliary operations building.

Education system for nuclear power plant, power station and electric grid personnel
Division for NNP Personnel Training Centre consistently performs a development of education system for nuclear power plant, power station and electric grid personnel, including a development and realization of technical and program tools for education and practical training.

It realizes theoretical preparation and practical training on simulators of the personnel and provides re-examination and granting licences for execution of functions.


Extending of the operating lifetime program for NPP Paks (Hungary)
The aim was to develop and review documentation for extending of operating lifetime for the units 1—4 of the NPP Paks, which was elaborated on basis of nuclear safety regulations (demonstration of safe operationality of units 1—4 of the NPP Paks after its useful life (30 years) for the next 20 years).


Manipulator for in-service inspection and repair of steam generators ZOK-PG
VUJE realized a development and supplies manipulators for in-service inspection and control of horizontal steam generators for the VVER 440 and 1000, which enable to perform:

  • Indirect visual inspection of internal surfaces of the collector by a camera system
  • Inspection of internal surfaces of the collector in the flange, conical, and cylindrical parts and ultrasonic testing in the area of welds
  • Eddy current testing of the collector’s heat exchange tubes
  • Eddy current testing of the collector’s tubesheets
  • Plugging of the leaking heat exchanging tubes by welded plug

These manipulators were supplied and are used in the NPP in the Slovak republic, the Czech republic, Hungary, Russia and Ukraine.

Technical inspections and testing of appropriated and selected equipments
Since 2000 VUJE has performed technical inspections and testing of appropriated and selected equipments and monitoring of civil objects for JAVYS, a.s. (eventually previous organisations).


Reconstruction of distribution plant Križovany
Reconstruction is realised in adaptation to the distribution network conditions after the final shut down of the Nuclear power plant Bohunice, unit 1. and 2. and consists of complete reconstruction of 7 switchbays of 400 kV power distribution plant, including reinforced concrete foundations and new steel structures,new common operation building, installation and commissioning of T 402 transformer and control and information system supply.

Reconstruction of distribution plant Medzibrod
Reconstruction of the distribution plant is realised because of change and modifications of the R 220 kV power distribution plant reconstruction to R 400 kV. It means a construction of two main busbar systems and a complementary busbar, including reinforced concrete foundations under the devices and steel structure, construction of 6 new bays, cable channels and cable runs, construction of common operation building and construction of self-consumption transformer site.