VUJE, a.s.


In what activities is VUJE involved?

As former CEO Ján Korec said in one interview “simply expressed, we do everything that is related to nuclear power plants, either already at the phase of their construction, commissioning, operation or decommissioning. Apart from this, we are also involved in methods for processing and storage of radioactive wastes, we also do, so-called, reliability analyses, diagnostics and detectoscopy of nuclear power plants, we train nuclear power plant staff and organise scientific symposia.”


What is the meaning of the abbreviation VUJE?

The name of the company is an abbreviation for Research Institute for Nuclear Power Plants (Výskumný ústav jadrových elektrární). At its inception in 1977, applied research constituted the major part of the activities of the institute. Currently, applied research forms only 8 % of our activities. The rest accrues to engineering and projection activities. For this reason, from 1994 when the institute transformed to a joint stock company, the abbreviation VUJE is used as the business name.


Does VUJE centre its activities only on nuclear power engineering?

VUJE is recently diversifying its activities and is also targeting the area of distribution networks, classic power engineering and utilisation of renewable energy sources. VUJE has attained important results in the modernisation of power engineering management, small hydro power plants, above-all biomass and wooden waste.


Does VUJE also co-operate with foreign companies?

VUJE experts are active in various international professional and expert groups. We have expanded our contacts with renowned foreign companies in the area of nuclear power engineering, which has led to research contracts and work on selected projects of the International Agency for Atomic Energy, European Community and other important foreign subjects. Co-operation between all the company divisions and foreign partners has developed fully. In the completion of the Mochovce Nuclear Power Plant, VUJE was subcontractor to the foreign organisation in various specialised solutions; in the reconstruction of the nuclear power plant V1, VUJE formed a consortium with Siemens.

To date, VUJE has engaged in projects in the Czech Republic, Holland, Sweden, Hungary, China, Ukraine, Russia, Bulgaria and Armenia.