VUJE, a.s.



Annual Report VUJE, a.s., 2014 (format PDF 2.17MB)
Annual Report VUJE, a.s., 2013
(format PDF 1.3 MB)
Annual Report VUJE, a.s., 2012 (format PDF 1 MB)
Annual Report VUJE, a.s., 2011 (format PDF 3.7 MB)
Annual Report VUJE, a.s., 2008 (format PDF 513 kB)
Annual Report VUJE, a.s., 2005 (format PDF 4.51 MB)

Certificate of the Integrated management system (format PDF 160 kB)
Certificate of the quality management system for welding process (format PDF 264 kB)
Certificate of the National Safety Board SR (format PDF 226 kB)
Certificate of technical device – computer network (format PDF 2.6 MB)

PowerPoint Presentation of VUJE, a.s. (format PDF 42 MB)

Accreditation — Accredited subjects

Accreditation No. K-056 (format PDF 712 kB)
Calibration laboratory temperature and pressure gauges

Accreditation No. S-099 (format PDF 1.7 MB)
Test laboratory – department for structural analysis

Accreditation No. S-109 (format PDF 1.7 MB)
Test laboratory for chemical regimes and physiochemical analysis

Accreditation No. S-179 (format PDF 468 kB)
Test laboratory for electromagnetic field analysis

Accreditation No. S-196 (format PDF 797 kB)
Laboratory for temperature ageing and tests in accident conditions and according

Accreditation No. S-219 (format PDF 1.6 MB)
Test laboratory for radiation dosimetry

Accreditation No. S-240 (format PDF 508 kB)
Testing laboratory – department for measurement of power transformers

Accreditation No. P-028 (format PDF 1.6 MB)
Product Certification Authority – selected nuclear power plant facilities